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Zetetick Housing have been managing my property since March 2012.
I am most satisfied with them and have no complaints.
The staff is very professional, well trained and efficient.
My properties – currently two – are well looked after and the rent is always paid on time.
Zetetick is also very good at keeping me up to date with any issues or changes that I need to know about as a private landlord.
I am happy to recommend Zetetick.


I write this as a reference for the company Zetetick Housing and their management of the tenancy at our property in West Norwood. We have rented out our property for approximately 7 yrs and the last 3 years have been through Zetetick. They have been very responsive in managing any issues with The property and the tenants have looked after our house very well. Of all the tenancies that we have had for the house Zetetick have proven to be the best. They will deal with small problems and alert us to more significant issues. The house is kept clean and tidy and when we have visited we have been greeted with courtesy and respect.

If I were to want to rent out a property again I would not hesitate in contacting Zetetick first and offer them the property for rent


Our experience of working with Zetetick Housing as tenants at our Cheviot Road property have been very positive.  The house has been well maintained with minor repairs undertaken by their workman. Rent has always been received on time and most communication has been prompt to deal with maintenance arising. We have yet to check the property out but our understanding with Zetetick is that any adjustments made to accommodate the needs of the two young men will be removed and the property returned as let.

We are reoccupying our house and if we were to continue to let then we would have been more than happy to continue this through Zetetick to these two young men who benefit from the support and have been incredibly reliable tenants

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