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Zetetick Housing has been operation for over 10 years, has over 100 properties and supports over 150 disabled tenants. Our success in finding a home that matches the tenant’s requirements is dependent on the referral brief. Finding a bungalow in central London is almost an impossible task, whereas a two bed flat in a specified Borough is relatively easy to find.

Yes. We may offer and the tenant can reject up to 3 choices before the referral is removed from our list. As the property will be from the open rental market we are subject to the same market conditions as everyone else. This means that if we reject a property today then it is very unlikely to be available tomorrow if you change your mind.

Yes. There are market conditions that need to be consider, in that we require all people involved in the decision making process to be available within 24 hours to view/visit a potential property. If we cannot make a decision within a relatively short period of time then the property is likely to be rented to another person. Where a suitable property has been found, but time to view is delayed, then Zetetick Housing (at our discretion) will place a holding deposit on the property to allow the tenant and family time to approve. As this is a non-refundable deposit, only one holding position will be granted per referral.

In most cases we are able to secure a property without the need to pay a deposit. However on occasions when an ideal property has been found and the owner requires a deposit then Zetetick Housing can fund this, but reserves the right to charge the tenants a pro-rata deposit, as part of their tenancy.

Yes. We welcome help from the tenant and/or their family. Where a family wishes to engage in this process we can provide them with guidance and a budget, so that they can search and view properties directly. When a suitable property has been found then a simple phone call to Zetetick Housing is all that is needed for us to take over and secure the property.

Zetetick Housing liaises with the Local Authority and Support Provider with the provision of any adaptations required. These will be funded either by the LA or Zetetick Housing.

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