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About Our Services

Zetetick Housing was set-up specifically for the purpose to support people who are not able to maintain a tenancy without assistance. The level of support will vary according to individual need, but in principle we will undertake as much or as little support needed to ensure the tenants fulfills his/her obligations under the tenancy agreement.

The responsibility and Duty of Care remains with the Local Authority to appoint the Support Provider. In terms of Zetetick Housing and our requirement to fulfill the exempt accommodation criteria then the Support Provider must be one of our nominated and approved provider partners.

Part of our services is to support our tenants to live within the community. This can on occasions mean that neighbor disputes occur for many reasons. In all cases Zetetick Housing, in partnership with the Support Provider and Local Authority will support and manage the issue to a satisfactory conclusion.

Registered in England and Wales, Registered No. 6082488 Charity Registered No. 1118922