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About Our Accommodation

No, is the short answer. We support people who are in receipt of social care support that enables our services to be treated as Exempt Accommodation.

This is where the Landlord providing the accommodation is a Local Authority (Council) or a not-for-profit organisation (Charities) that also provides support to its tenants either directly or by a third party on behalf of the Landlord.

At present we source and lease all our properties from the private rental market. We currently have properties in the South London boroughs and on the South coast – Brighton & Lewes areas.

No. It is our long-term plan to purchase properties, but in the short/medium-term we will continue to lease properties.

Because we lease from the open market we can offer almost all types of properties from studio flats to large detached houses. We are not restricted by empty housing stock as we don’t own any properties. All new referrals for housing are treated as bespoke services and we source accommodation based on the housing specification for each new tenant.

The term ‘home for life’ has long since gone from Government strategies. Most local Councils only offer short-term tenancies, even though they own the property, so that they retain flexibility in future to change arrangements. Council housing is very limited and often have long waiting lists.

Council housing is very limited with very long waiting lists (over a year in most cases). Housing Associations work in partnership with Councils to plan and build housing stock based on local plans. These plans are pre-allocated years in advance and do not offer the flexibility to provide accommodation for unplanned immediate need. Zetetick Housing fulfills this local demand and bridges this gap in social housing need.

Not necessarily. Many Councils via there HA partners only offer AST agreements of 12 months or less. It is more common within local Council provision, for short-term weekly licenses to be issued rather than the more secure and protected AST agreement.

Although we cannot offer a ‘home for life’ in terms of the building, we can offer and become your Landlord for life. As long as you need support to live in the community and meet our eligibility criteria then we will support and provide all your accommodation needs both now and in the future. When you are ready to move on, we will find and provide you with a new home/s that grows and changes with you.

Yes this is possible, albeit a last resort, should the tenant’s circumstances change to such an extent that it makes the tenancy unsustainable.

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